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Talca, Chile. 17.

Esperé a tenerlo todo. No solamente algo, sino todo lo que se pudiera conseguir, de modo que no nos quedara ningún deseo, sólo el tuyo, el deseo de ti.
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Minion Throne by Naolito.



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Illustrations by My lovely thing |


Illustrations by Chernotrav 


Greetings from South America

Set of five 5”x7” Glossy Postcards (Available for Pre-order)

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 Rebecca Yanovskaya: Overwhelming Force

artist on tumblr

Rebecca Yanovskaya is a graduate from the Illustration program at Sheridan CollegeHer main focus is creating illustrations in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres. She is inspired by and frequently illustrates mythological stories, natural forces, and the beauty of the human figure.

While Rebecca’s work began in small sketchbooks it is becoming larger and more ambitious, with gold, floral patterns, and natural materials such as wood panels featuring in her work. Despite most artists in her genre using digital and traditional painting tools, she has made the choice to construct her pieces with ballpoint pen instead.

In her most recent Winged series, Yanovskaya combines ballpoint pen with 22K gold leaf applique on Moleskine paper. If you’re interested in prints, they are available through INPRNT.